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阿明哥又便宜又好! 大家快找他!


Harlow, Ahmeng, This is the second time u came to fix our problem. As usu, great job! Thnx alot!


Thanks so much for coming to repair our leaking problem so quickly. You did a great job! I will highly recommend your company to anyone I know who may need you.

Paul and Denise

Ah Meng has been our plumber for 3 yrs and we are very satisfied with him.


I want to thank Ah Meng for righting a bad experience I previously had with a dishonest plumber. A certain plumber claimed to be very good but he charged me $500 for fixing a faulty toilet bowl and still did not manage to fix it. Three days later, the same problem came back and when I called him, he refused to rectify the problem despite the warranty and had the nerve to charge me for a brand new job. I refused to give in to his bullying ways and instead called Ah Meng off the internet. He came and fixed my toilet bowl for less than a quarter of the price that the thuggish plumber previously charged me!!!! I should have called Ah Meng in the first place and that dishonest plumber wouldn’t have a chance to rip me off! Just because I live in a landed property doesn’t mean I deserved to be ripped off nor does it give people the excuse to rip me off!!!! Thanks Ah Meng for being an honest businessman!!


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